nothing but truth

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nothing but truth

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hey i am bored here with all robust and orthodoxy stuffs.i desire for truth of existence of nature of universe and what the f. is happening here,around,with me..i want to get liberated if at all possible.i anybody considers himself more that a waste of space plz with whole heartedly i ask him to get me rid out of my stucked place and let me see and live the thanks in advance...only if that it works.
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RE: nothing but truth

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I'm assuming that English isn't your first language since what you've typed makes very little sense. You also seem to want someone to come along and "liberate" you, this is something which is not possible and which will only lead you to fake teachers and bullshit artists. The way you're expressing yourself here is baffling, I have no idea why you'd be so negative towards people you have no knowledge of and then ask them for help or advice. This may just be down to your lack of familiarity with the English language, but I would suggest that you stop acting like a petulant child, get your finger our of your arse and start practising some form of meditation or other contemplative practice.

What is it that you want? What are you prepared to do to get it? What have you done so far to work towards your intended goal? Are you really serious and sincere about wanting to know what the fuck is happening here, or are you just looking for someone to do the work for you?

If you want help, people on here will be able to offer some advice but you need to be willing to to listen, take it on board and actually do the work involved.

What do you think?