Remote Shaktipat Transmission

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Remote Shaktipat Transmission

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Hi Everyone

I'm new to this forum and meditation practices. I have mediated for around six months now and have been considering a Shaktipat Traansmission & was wondering if someone could help me please ?

I have spoken to a Yogi and advised that I am nowhere near ready for any full Kundalini rising but would like to receive remote Shaktipat as i undertsand this is suble way of receiving divine energy, but the thing is i'm so aprehensive about it now, I was wondering if anyone on here has recevied remote Shaktipat after only being a meditator for a short time. I have advised the Yogi of my current state of mind and have been honest about my fears etc and he has agreed that the Shaktipat can be done. Is there such a thing as a subtle level of energy transmission though Shaktipat as opposed to a full blown K Rising ?

Your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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RE: Remote Shaktipat Transmission

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I did a search on shaktipat and found a fun link where it was discussed shaktipat discussion

Here is a possible interesting experiment. Put out a time that you would be ready to receive shaktipat and sit and see if you can receive it. Make a strong intention to receive from all beneficial beings seen and unseen for the benefit of all beings and see what happens. Maybe some people here would send you some metta, maybe the universe, maybe just yourself. What do you think?
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RE: Remote Shaktipat Transmission

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I went to an Amma retreat (Mata Amritanandamayi) about four years ago and received some sort of indirect energetic transmission from her. It caused me to cry intensely and then feel a sense of ecstatic but grounded tripping for about two days after (including the day after leaving the retreat grounds). Amma does not give out direct shaktipat but I believe the energy was transmitted to me after locking eyes with her for a split second in the beginning of the retreat. I had been intensely repeating the mantra she gave me whilst praying for a powerful experience.

The energy seemed to sort itself out after awhile. Perhaps you should look up Swami Rudrananda. He was very interested in the opening of the chakra system and he taught a method of eye-to-eye meditation which is basically direct and constant shakti transmission. He has a small network of students who still teach this method.