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I'm a bit confused after reading this

I've been meditating for few months (not daily). unfortunately I got tinnitus and while I was looking for connection between both I stumpled upon this guys 'Achintya Idam' blog at .. specifically at
he mentions that almost all meditation types people are doing are wrong and this causes more harm than good, some side effects could be tinnitus! can any body please have a look at this blog .. he insists that what he is saying is truth and we shouldnt consult any other books or websites .. and that 99.999% of gurus are fake and charlatans .. I dont know what to do since I'm not very experienced in eastern traditions !  

RE: I'm a bit confused after reading this
7/10/17 7:04 AM as a reply to Ibrahim Ali.
i will come off shallow perhaps with the following statement.

i will not even visit the site you mentioned if that person claims to have a patent on the truth.  the 99.99999% number i would question on its face.

nevertheless, discrimination is always wise whether selecting a teacher or selecting a grapefruit.

these are generalities though. it is always the specifics about what that teacher has to gain balanced against what he can concretely give you. 

this site makes no pretense as to what it can offer.  that doesn't mean that it is for you.  we all have different backgrounds and abilities and need different inputs to optimize our understanding and experiences. 

some people will harmonize with the hard core technical practices here and the deep philosophical discussions.  others will be more positively influenced with grace or devotional types of practice.

the techniques mostly espoused in Daniel's work and in Culadasa's work have worked very very well for me and the motivations are beyond reproach.

find a technique that appeals to you for any reason.  if after a good solid trial you are getting marked results..find something else.  taste the soup before you buy a bowl.  we can do that now.

tinnitus is a symptom that can be affected , for better or worse, by intensive practice.  it is essentially an internal, non acoustic, perception of a generally high pitched noise.

there are physical, medical components as well as subjective influences which affect this in my experience.  stress is one of the major causal factors.  Getting enough sleep can help as can shamatha or calming meditation.  doing vippassana can exacerbate the perception because the intens focus on these internal sounds tends to intensify them in my personal experience.  i have to say though that I have never experienced disabling levels of tinnitus.  i have often used the internal sound a one of many internal objects of focus and can tune into certain tones at will.

so , eliminate the medical causes if you can and see if focusing on it helps or hinders.

try to enjoy it if at all possible