Pre Vipassana Stages and 2nd Vipassana Jhana

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Pre Vipassana Stages and 2nd Vipassana Jhana

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Could you please help answer a few questions and clarify some ideas that I have. Thank you for your help.

With regard to 'Mind and Body' "each sensation is followed by the crude mental impression of it", could anyone clarify what Ingram means by this?

With regard to 'Cause and Effect' Ingram mentions, 'the sensation and the mental impression of it' ?.
I interpret this as; when you stub your toe there is pain in your toe but it is also in the field of your mind/mental consciousness. Possible there can be this sense of the minds mental impression, following the localised sensation at the toe. But with a more gradual discomfort such as a pain in the back the localised area of the pain seems to be interdependently mixed with a feeling of pain in the mind/mental consciousness. In most respects, the sensation and the mental impression seem fairly simultaneous connected, and the lower backs pain is in that area of the back but also with in the mind/mental consciousness, sometimes the discomfort or pain can seem to fill up the mind and other times just sit more distantly in the field of my awareness that encompasses the sensation of my body( the body in pain is within the awareness of the mind or the mind is aware of the body in pain- those two approaches depend on whether your in a more mental or physical state and there is some thing about them that is the same and different.
Sorry if I'm not making any sense, if need be just ignore what I'm saying and offer you own interpretation of ' the sensation and the mental impression of it'.

Anyway this is where I'm working at, mostly arising and passing away just wanting to clarify some of the earlier points and get a clear experience of the earlier stages. Also still working with the first, second and third jhana's. I'm mostly soft entry with regard to generating the first and second jhana's, I'm trying to get consistent grasp of the third. And I'm beginning to study the dark night, I'd like to understand it more clearly before i start working with in more consciously thought I think I'm already in it.
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RE: Pre Vipassana Stages and 2nd Vipassana Jhana

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I believe he's talking about "second-level" mindfulness.

The first level is simply noting physical sensations, etc.

But after a while, it becomes possible to be mindful of the noting itself. The raw sensation of the belly rising is immediately followed by the mental apperception that an inbreath is happening.