Retreat Cost thread

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Retreat Cost thread

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I'm interested in doing a 2-3 month retreat, preferably in Asia, but location isn't the main concern. (I'm particularly interested in Southeast Asia, Central America, and North America)

I have no idea how much this would cost. Any general info about costs of long-term retreats is helpful. Let's talk in $USD/Day to be consistent. 
Which countries are more or less expensive? What is a general ballpark range for the cost of a long retreat (I'm thinking of a basic traditional Theravada retreat, but info on other kinds is welcome, too). For centers that are dana-based, are there guidelines on how much to decide to give? 


Tathagata: The local Vietnamese/Burmese center in San Jose, CA costs about $25 per day last time I checked. It's a pretty standard Theravada center (it's the only one I've been to so I guess I can't compare). single rooms, 2 delicious meals per day, Burmese monks teaching, suburban setting, they are serious but not harshly strict.

The Hermatige: I found this place in Guatemala in another thread, which looks amazing. Starting at $30/day for a dorm bed for solo retreat (including meals). $35-$50 per day for private rooms.
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RE: Retreat Cost thread

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Through my teacher Dhammarato I could help you stay at one of Buddhadasa's monasteries, indefinitely & for free:

You could also apply for a scholarship to the Pragmatic Dharma Foundation.