The "psychic powers"

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The "psychic powers"

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One thing I would like to ask you even though I'm aware that it is a distraction from insight progress. In reference to the "psychic powers", you state that past a certain point, intergrating the two perspectives of the ordinary world and the magical one ( I prefer second attention ) seems to be unavoidable. If I'm understanding you correctly then the first and second attention become one and the boundary between them is non existent. Which would be similar to, on a mundain level, your dream world becoming reality, except, being limited to what skills you can develope.
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RE: The "psychic powers"

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I am not quite sure I would say the boundary between them is non-existent, because we retain discrimination, which is the ability to notice that mental and physical experiences, intentions and their physical results, do retain somewhat different properties or qualities, and obviously seem to follow different basic natural laws in how they operate and what is possible, and yet, they do all have the same basic nature, they are all part of the great, fluxing, luminous, causal, empty experience field process, and so in that way become integrated into one's basic experience and perception. Also, the way we experience phenomena may shift depending on what stage or state we are in, as they each have their different qualities.

It is true that eventually the whole thing has to be seen directly as it is in an inclusive way, and thus have that basic perceptual wisdom apply to whatever realm, state, or whatever is happening then.