Seeking advice for first retreat

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Seeking advice for first retreat

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I am attending my first retreat at a Goenka center beginning April 29th. For some details on my practice, please see

I want to complete whatever insight cycle I am on. From the information I have gathered in this forum and elsewhere, I get the impression that the method taught at these centers may not be effective for that purpose. Other information I have found seems to indicate that important parts of the method are kept from practitioners, even from those who have been members of the organization for years. Daniel has made a comment here that using the opportunity for practicing the Mahasi method, instead of body scanning, might be a good idea.

Does anyone think that following the instructions on the retreat will be likely to bring me to fruition, taking my history and practice into account?
Can anyone point me to subjective accounts of effective practice of the Mahasi method? I remember a thread or page that Daniel had posted that listed indicators that insight practice is being performed effectively, but I can't find it now.

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RE: Seeking advice for first retreat

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Author: ccasey

Here is my advice: Read this essay from Daniel on attending retreats, and follow the advice:
Print out the 2 page handout on Insight Practice Instructions from this page, bring it with you and read it again from time to time if necessary at the retreat.
And, you might want to bring the 11 inch by 17 inch handouts with you, depending on how long the retreat is for. If longer than a week they might help you.
Just follow the instructions.
with metta, ccasey