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Fruitions on Ibogaine?
8/2/18 11:22 AM
Ok so I traveled down to Mexico to do Ibogaine, a very strange psychedelic from a root bark of an african shrub. It's supposed to give you amazing visions that help you in life but for me I didn't get visions... however, about halfway through the grueling trip I'd just end up going from just laying down trying to keep my shit together to being right halfway in the middle of swallowing. I had lost a fraction of a second. It was very weird... Then a couple seconds later *Blip* it happened again. Another short durration of time gone. This happened like five or so times and I finally realised this sounded a lot like fruition. The weird thing is every time I would be halfway done swallowing, it didn't happen any other time. And if I tried to swallow on purpose, it didn't happen.

I had previously done two SN Geonka retreats and had been in equinemtity a few times but never noticed any for sure fruitions allthough I had one thing I kind of thought was but not like it was this time on ibogaine.

What do you think? Please help me identify what this was.

OH also, Leading up to this I was very strongly noticing the different vibrations of the different stages, way stronger than usual. Like my whole existence was strobing to these different patterns that are talked about in the different stages such as slow at the top and bottom and fast inbetween or fast throughout like in AP etc. I am not familiar enough with the whole progression to know exactly what ones I went though during the Ibogaine trip but the possible fruitions were seemingly unmistakably the same.

RE: Fruitions on Ibogaine?
8/2/18 6:10 PM as a reply to Bronson Michael Miller.
Yeah, the question of the correlations between experiences on entheogens and insight meditation come up again and again. While clearly there are some things that can be correlated well and even lined up perfectly, many experiences on powerful entheogens can defy standard classification, as they either are just too far out there, occurred during such perceptual distortion as to be unclear, are not repeatable, or seem to have nothing to do with ordinary consciousness once people stop tripping, so that reference points and words fail them when attempting to make sense of what occurred.

The criteria for Fruitions involve a whole host of specifics, like what came before, the entrance, the thing itself, the exit, what follows after, as well as the expected transformations and abilities that one would expect of a stream enterer. 

Said another way, to claim Fruitions is to claim at least stream entry, as the two go hand and hand, and then the question remains, do you meet the rest of the criteria? You can find them here:

You can also look before that section to the part about the Three Doors to get a sense of what Fruitions entail.

Mere gaps in experience, blank spots, jumps, skips, and pauses are not enough to meet the criteria. Lots of states and stages can create experiences like that. The A&P, Dissolution, momentary tastes of formless realms, and many other things can create a sense of a pause or gap.

What can you do now? What happens when you sit on the cushion? What positive transformations occurred? Anything different? Any different, lasting meditation abilities or changes? When you read the descriptions of the expected changes that happen to stream enterers, any of that ring a bell?

RE: Fruitions on Ibogaine?
8/2/18 10:57 PM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
Interesting. Thank you for the quick reply Daniel! I have just been trying to recover from the Ibogaine so I haven't actually tried meditiating. I tried a couple times and was quickly interupted by staff here. I'll investigate a little bit and read a lot and get back to you!