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Is noting enough to achieve full awakening?

The question is basically in the title. Can a person achieve full awakening (Arhatship) just through noting as much as possible both on and off the cushion? 

I ask this because MCTB2 mentions how Daniel got interested in other practices (dieties, yoga, actualism, and such).

However, it was Daniel's last retreat with Sayadaw Upandita Jr. where he strived for 100% capture of sensations and that finally flipped the illusion (as in noting). 

I've seen similar posts from other advanced practitioners who flail around with different techniques before going back to their favorite/original meditation technique. 

If I just noted as much as I could for the next couple of years both on and off the cushion, could that get me to a place similar to arhatship, or do people need to practice jhanas or techniques/other axis of development? 

RE: Is noting enough to achieve full awakening?
10/14/18 9:06 PM as a reply to Hibiscus Kid.
I would say no. The noting is an early practice when habits of presence aren't developed enough yet. You can go very far, but the noting can get in the way of just pure acknowledgement, when you get more advanced.

I think noting is required still when you have a few gaps where the mind is blacking out and not seeing the cause and effect, and the suffering. So it's really good to note things that you haven't noticed about your mental movements. Noting things that your awareness picks up on its own from practice won't be as important in later stages as noting what you've been missing the whole time. Note what feels like a self, dissatisfaction, and impermanent. This can be done by noting gones and feeling their sense of rest.

The dispassion is what gets you there. This is why concentration is a big part of the practice. Sticking with things and gradually reducing the effort so it's not too much or too little.

RE: Is noting enough to achieve full awakening?
10/15/18 7:36 AM as a reply to Hibiscus Kid.
You might want to read (or re-read if you already have) the "A Revised Four-Path Model'" section of MCTB2. He mentions the difficulty of third path onwards and lays out some strategies for untangling the knot of perception for the higher paths; strategies that go beyond noting.  

RE: Is noting enough to achieve full awakening?
10/16/18 9:38 PM as a reply to Richard Zen.
Thank you,

Dropping labels was helpful in my own experience, as noting can get in the way since it is clunky. Silent noticing (stil referred to as noting by some) is much quicker, so it is easier to experience aspects of experience such as "impermanence". 

RE: Is noting enough to achieve full awakening?
10/16/18 9:48 PM as a reply to Nick O.
I haven't gotten this far in MCTB2 yet, but I skipped ahead to read it since you recommended it (no worries, I read the first edition so I'll circle back). 

This section was awesome! It points directly to the qualities of experience/reality that are worth examing/exploring/dissecting/etc when one is beyond 2nd path. I might not be totally there yet, however, this chapter provides a good foundation of the coarser aspects of reality to explore. If more paths are attained, I can try to explore the more subtle aspects related to these qualities of reality.

Good chapter either way! Honestly, it also struck me as extremely heart-felt. Daniel's intention to speak to/advise those in the higher paths really seemed to have shown through. It is very clear that we must change our focus slightly. 

Thank you for sharing this! It is, and will be, extremely useful!