MCTB 7. Misery

This stage can be characterized by great feelings of sadness and loss. Again, there can almost be something nice about the heartfelt depth of these feelings, but this tends to be greatly overshadowed by the dark side of them. We are having our whole concept of self and the world as being permanent, able to satisfy, and even being us or separate from us torn down and violated by the now undeniable truth of the Three Characteristics. There can be a lot of grieving in this process.

This is hard to accept, and our resistance to this process causes us misery. Becoming lost in the content of these sensations and being unable to see their true nature is a somewhat common cause of failure to progress and failure to live healthily. On the mild side, we may just feel a bit like after we do after we have been crying. Misery is the transition point between the drum-like 5-8Hz part of the Dark Night and the very complex, irritating frequencies that follow. Attention continues to get wider and the center more blind. As things continue to fall apart, clearly demonstrate their unsatisfactoriness and their selflessness, this can cause...

MCTB 8. Disgust