The Basics of the DhO

The DhO is based on the following principles, though this is not a complete list:

  • This community is dedicated to the support of hardcore spiritual and meditative practice, the notion that the traditional and other states and stages of the path can be attained and mastered, and that we can help each other to be great practitioners and people.
  • Discussions surrounding dharma practice should be open, practical, empowering, and straightforward whenever possible.
  • While clearly some meditators know and can do more than others, this community emphasizes the spirit of mutually supportive adventurers and practitioners rather than rigid student-teacher relationships and strict hierarchy.
  • On that front, claims to attainments, abilities or experiences are the personal responsibility of the person making the claim. Whether or not you want to be "out" about your accomplishments is your choice. Thus, do not "out" people who don't want to be, and on the other hand, realize that this site is about accomplishments, and there are many accomplished members of the DhO, though whether or not all claims are completely accurate is subject to debate.
  • There are many axes of development, and we all progress along them differently and at different rates. Do not assume that development along one axes or knowledge of some aspect of things implies development along any other axis.
  • Whenever possible, members should differentiate between statements that are based on personal experience, theory or hearsay, with personal experience obviously preferred.
  • People should avoid flame wars and needlessly disrespectful posts, and while controversy is normal and inevitable, members should work to try to clarify differences and see what positive aspects can come from the discussion rather than less mature and productive forms of communication.
  • While this community emphasizes openness and freedom of expression, obviously there will be moderators and sometimes they will need to act. If your the deletion or editing of your post seems arbitrary or unfair, please contact the administrators to discuss this.
  • At the moment, the DhO Leadership and roles of the DhO are determined by the founder, namely Daniel Ingram. If you have questions about who has what role and why, contact him.