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Posted by Yilun Ong:

Hi! I am a 41 year old Singaporean monk, Chinese in ethnicity. Fluent billingually and learning Thai (not really). I have been living in a temple - Wat Doi In Cee in Chiang Rai, Thailand up in the mountains of Doi Hang since June 2017.

In brief, after countless pursuits of all kinds, I found life empty of essence thus my semi-permanent choice to seek enlightenment within the monastic life. I have never been happier and would like to share my experiences and also invite like-minded individuals or groups to join us here for ordination or for retreats. There are no fees involved and donations are entirely voluntary. 

Some key information:

1. I am the only English speaker. I am most happy to discuss Dhamma and meditation but have no love for idle chatter. The people here are extremely friendly, helpful, kind and forgiving. The metta here is amazing. 
2. I can teach Samatha (1-8J) and Vipassana up to Stream Entry (all achievable within 2-3 months). 
3. There are 20+ kuti (individual-stay huts) and a few community accommodations. Do not expect luxury, only water/electricity and necessities are provided. There are many toilets so you are not expected to relieve yourself in the forest, you may do so if you wish, for whatever strange reasons.
4. Strictly no intoxicants are allowed, tobacco is tolerated.
5. There is 1 large, 1 small meditation hall for formal teaching and numerous locations for meditation. Anyone can use them as they please. There are 2 eating/coffee/relax areas with fantastic views. There is a kitchen that churns out excellent Thai food, manned by a few friendly Thai elderly ladies. Activitiy participation is voluntary. Seclusion is respected and will not be questioned or frowned upon. Common sense self-governance is expected.
6.The temple is in charge of thousands of acres of land on the mountain. I suppose that covers most of the mountain other than in the foothills where there are villagers staying or harvesting the land. The temple is conserving the forest and holds events and projects to tie in Buddhism, sustainable farming, conservation with the government, Royal Family, the locals and organizations. We are currently breeding deers for release.
7. The food here is excellent and free. We go on alms round every morning at 6am on a truck which drops off monks at various points where they take specific routes. An amazing experience where you can practice metta, look at Northern Thai life, amaze at how poor people are actually most generous and 'escape' to the real world.
8. Morning bell rings at 4am, chanting begins at 430am and ends before 530am. Evening chanting starts at 630pm and ends before 8. I can excuse meditators from any/all activities if deemed beneficial for their practice. I am happy to deliver food to your hut and you can meditate non-stop till you get pass DN, for e.g.
9. We clean the temple/lodging areas at 4-5pm which usually lasts much shorter. Basically you are free to do what you wish, although the expectation is that you are engaged in self-study or meditation.
10. The weather is cool and pleasant by South East Asia standards. View is great, air is great, surroundings are great, but do expect to live amongst insects and bites from mosquitoes are common. 

I think this place is an unknown gem, largely innocent and pure. I would like to welcome genuine meditators and am happy to provide meditation schedules, teachings, guidelines and interviews, if required. However, it is expected that you are self-disciplined. 

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