Wat Kow Tham

Name of Center: Wat Kow Tham 

•    Address: Koh Phagan - Thailand

•    Phone Number: not available for English Language

•    Website:

•    Contact Email: see web site

•    Tradition(s): Bhikkhu Buddhadasa

•    Technique(s): Anapana sati as intro to Buddha Dhamma

•    Teacher(s): Phra Marute (Thai monk with good English)

•    Cost: 5000 baht (expensive)

•    Accommodations: Thai forest style

•    Facilities: Complete for running retreats for 20 students

•    Physical Setting: Mountain top with vistas and hills to climb

•    Food (Vegetarian/Vegan/etc.): Thai Vegetarian

•    Retreat Length(s): 7 day 

•    Typical Schedule: very typical for retreats, up early rest all day and sleep at night.

•    Issues of Taboos around attainment, real practice, disclosing insights, etc.: dress properly

•    Issues of Rites/Rituals: few, very few

•    Issues of Proper Dress: shoulders and knees are to be covered, as per Thai traditions

•    Issues of Etiquette: Silent retreatants expected

•    Issues of Language: English instructions

•    Health Issues: Don’t come sick

•    Logistical Issues: Must come to Thailand, that is an issue for most

•    Strengths: Noble Dhamma, correct instructions

•    Weaknesses: Hot in summer, hills to climb between buildings.

•    Other Comments: Phra Marute is a good teacher

•    Overall Impression:  Long tradition of teaching the Noble dhamma (no rebirth)

•    Worthy of recommendation on the Dharma Overground? yes

•    Name of Person Reviewing the Center: anonymous