The Progress of Insight

There are 16 stages--also known as the "16 vipassana nanas" or "the stages of insight"--that people progress up and down during their attempts to get to stream entry and subsequent stages and they are largely independent of insight tradition and much more a description of what happens when people expand and hone their awareness of their sensate world. This terminology comes from the vipassana tradition of Theravada Buddhism. It is only one of many possible maps of this territory, albeit one of the very best. They are as follows:

  1. Mind and Body
  2. Cause and Effect
  3. The Three Characteristics
  4. The Arising and Passing Away
  5. Dissolution
  6. Fear
  7. Misery
  8. Disgust
  9. Desire for Deliverance
  10. Re-observation
  11. Equanimity
  12. Conformity
  13. Change of Lineage
  14. Path
  15. Fruition
  16. Review

Here's a map that breaks this down even further into sub-jhanas and sub-ñanas: Daniel's Sub-ñana Table ----

This 3-part essay by DhO contributor Kenneth Folk on "The Progress of Insight:"

  1. The Progress of Insight (part one)
  2. The Progress of Insight (part two)
  3. The Progress of Insight (part three)

The following chapters from Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha:

  1. The Progress of Insight
  2. The Vipassana Jhanas