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Budget for 7-months in Asia

Budget for 7-months in Asia
10/30/18 8:09 PM
Hi there,

I was just wondering what people would budget for about 7-months in South East Asia, mainly meditating, but obviously with a few days/weeks buffering retreats in order to relax? I think some travel would be necessary as many countries only provide tourist visas for 30 days.

I get the impression that many (most?) retreats are free, but I guess you also want to include a dana in the budget? What sort of dana do people tend to provide? 

The main countries I have in mind are Malaysia and Nepal. Flights can be ignored for the budget!


RE: Budget for 7-months in Asia
11/9/18 10:39 AM as a reply to Jeremy.
If you couchsurf, hitchhike, and/or volunteer (workaway / helpx), it's free.
This is what I did in Thailand and Malaysia. The occasional meal / bowl of soup was about 2 USD in Thailand.
This probably doesn't fully help, but just throwing out the option. It's a fun/engaging way to travel.