energy blockage (sciatica)

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energy blockage (sciatica)

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so last winter around mid january, i suffered an injury to my lower back. bending forwards pulling a heavy object upwards i managed to bulge or displace a disc (not sure exactly, no MRI yet) and i now have a condition known as sciatica which i've been suffering from for almost a year to date. it's a shooting pain starting in the lower back region and shooting down through my right hip into my right leg and down past my knee.

anyways, i've tried everything besides, accupuncture, IMS, physiotherapy, painkillers (lol) but the only thing that seems to really help is meditation.

the injury was caused i'm told by my physio by an imbalance in my body. i've treeplanted for the past 5 summers, a practice which involves bending over several thousand times daily to plant a small seedling, i plant around 4-5 thousand per day usually.

here's a vid of me planting so you can get an idea:

so the physio says my body has shifted to the right and this caused the disc issue when i bent over to lift the heavy object. my body was horribly unbalanced, leaning in a certain direction instead of being aligned properly.

so far the only thing that has helped has been meditation. i kneel, knees touching the ground, but body erect from the knees to the head (my butt is not touching my heels) and breath deeply using the david deida circular breathing method...down the front into the balls on the inhale and up the spine and out the brain on the exhale)

what will happen when i do this for extended periods of time (usually by the 20th breath or so, 4 seconds in 1 sec hold 4 out) is i'll get weird trembling feelings right at the source of the pain in my lower back above my right hip bone. it feels like the disc is trying to move back into place, and it feels really good, like a satisfying feeling. throughout the day i can definitely feel some sort of a hose with a kink in it is the best way i can describe it. but the meditation seems to unkink it a bit. if i do this for 100 or more breaths and then do a quick back bend i'll get a really satisfying crunch usually which is accompanied by feelings of release in the region.
the injury seems to be improving. the more i do the meditation, the better it gets it seems.

basically my question was about kundalini...i was wondering if this was related...a couple times when doing the meditation i've had crazy trembling sensations in the region...felt like something was stirring around really hard, trying to escape and move upwards. i searched kundalini awakening and i've been having many of the symptons. also it feels like once that energy moves upwards, it will feel like the most wonderful release imaginable as i've had this blockage down there for months now.

does anyone know how to hasten a kundalini awakening? what is a good way to stimulate that chakra at the base of the spine? the orange one i believe. i'm really quite ignorant on these matters so if anyone has some educated input for me i'd be very grateful...thanks
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RE: energy blockage (sciatica)

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Really fast investigation on retreats with rapid noting and attention to anything vibrating as fast and as intensely as you can stand to go is a rapid way to cross the A&P, and is my best advice for doing that, though there are lots of methods.

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RE: energy blockage (sciatica)

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If yopu want to awaken kundalini you could try this:

However, I would NOT try to awaken kundalini in order to cure a back problem. SUre it might take care of it. But it has been reported by many that misalignments in their spine lead to unimaginable pains when their kundalini tried to push through the blocks.

I would COnsider trying more with the yoga or qigong/tai chi. Preferably get private lessons from someone that works regularly on people with physical issues. Medical Iyengar practioners really know their stuff. Anusara medical practioners as well I belive. A qigong or tai chi teacher with teh rgith training for dealing with such issues might also help you out.

Have you tried cranio sacral therapy? It is very good for fixing issues in the spine.

If you goggle midnfulness based stress reduction you will find studies that shows that in a couple of months pain was reduced by 40-50% in pasients with chronic and severe pain.

Anything that circulates energy helps to reduce pain acording to Chinese medicin. I have found this to be tru in my own case. You could try to find a simple pain reducing qigong set or a sequence aimed at circulation just in order to reduce pain not for fixing the misalignment.

You could also try pressing acupressure points. I can`t give you the names but there is one on the hand that is very good for pain and one under the knee that is awesome for circulation (on the liver meridian). These to help me a lot when I have so much pain I can`t sleep. IF you google acupressure and pain and circulation you should find these points and more as they are very commonly used.
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RE: energy blockage (sciatica)

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thanks for the replies i will definitely look into those things.

the one thing that helped alot was IMS ie intramuscular's a bit like accupuncture but they seem to like to apply it more directly to the and around the affected area than all over the body as in accupuncture.

after the IMS treatments i had a sensation of release in the affected area...the best way i can describe it is like water flooding a droughted area...that's what it felt like in my hip/lower back area.

right now it feels like the energy is dammed up again like a kinked hose. sometimes when i lie still and concentrate on the source of the pain it starts pulsing in time with my heart..also one time i took a heavy dose of psilocybic mushrooms and it started vibrating HEAVILY while i was lying..the intensity of the vibrations worried me so i stood up and walked around and after a bit it stopped.

another thing...i've read a bit of robert bruce's book on astral projection, and when i try to massage the area with my ethereal hands it definitely feel something, it makes my leg twitch into alighnment a bit and feels really good, like a light release.

anyways hope you guys have a better idea of what it is now so if there's any more ideas i'd like to hear them..thanks