For some people red meat prevents depression and anxiety.

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For some people red meat prevents depression and anxiety.

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(I'm not sure where this subject best fits in the forums here, but this subforum seemed to be the closest match I could find.)

Different people have different dietary needs because of their different genetic backgrounds. For some people it appears that red meat is necessary to prevent depression and anxiety:

The linked article could be relevant to the members here because within some traditions, vegetarianism is considered to be more spiritual and in some cases is said to be necessary to produce spiritual experiences. But if for some people, red meat is necessary for good mental health, vegitarianism could be counterproductive for them.

There are also nutritionists who say that red meat is not healthy and people may be avoiding it for that reason. And some environmentalists discourage eating meat because it requires more resources to produce. And animal rights advocates also discourage eating meat.

There is a lot of pressure put on people do do what may be harming their mental health and spiritual growth.