Energetic experiences in dreams

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Energetic experiences in dreams

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Good evening.

I've had a lot of intense dreams the last year or so. 

It usually starts with me being requested to dive into fear or intense/deep feelings and ends with somatic trembling or energy rushes.

Yesterday I had a dream where I was in a bedroom, sleeping. I get woken up by what I thought was someone hitting me real hard in the throat. As I become conscious my eyes are still closed, and I immediately panic. Is someone trying to kill or hurt me?

This is somewhat familiar to me as I've experienced a lot of hypnagogic dreams, sometimes with literal pain in my body. This time though, I was able to open my eyes and get up.

I find the closest window and get out to the streets where I realize its a dream and there's nothing to fear. An intuitive voice tells me I will have the opportunity to dive into it again, but I won't know I am dreaming and it will "feel real." 

An invisble hand puts some powder in my left hand and tells me to swallow it all if I want to jump in. I immediately swallow 90%, then slowly down the rest until I have one grain of sand left..which I am holding onto, hoping that it will melt by itself and that I'll get thrown into it, cause I'm too scared to do it consciously.

A moment later the dream ends and I am in my real bed. I feel my body lying on the mattress and it literally feels like I am inside of a jet engine, or rather that my body is a jet engine. There's a tremendous amount of energy rushing throughout my whole body. 

As I wake up there is a feminine grown-up voice telling me "all is love.."

I open my eyes and realize what felt like someone hitting me in the throat, in the dream, was a contraction that I've been carrying for a while leaving. It is gone.

The day before I had a dream where this girl was teasing me sexually. (I practice semen retention and have had issues with noctural emissions.)

When I began feeling the energy-buildup in my penis I immediately began to breathe it back into my body. As I did that a holographic miniature body appears in front of me, showing me where the central channel is. As I breathe and drag the energy in it feels as if light-energy explodes in various places of my body.

The reason I post this is out of curiosity.. Anyone had any familiar experiences? How did it develop? Does this mean anything or is it "useless"? Is it kundalini experiences? 
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RE: Energetic experiences in dreams

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In my work as an psychodynamic-analytical psychotherapist I do lots of dream analysis (I prefer the term dream exploration though). But in your case I'm more tempted to suggest not to search much meaning to those dreams. They seem meditation-related and the name of the game here is non-grasping awareness. I've had pretty wild meditation-related dreams as well, most of them involving intense and very rapid vibrating in the body. Are you able to be mindful in those dreams?