portable accessories (cushion, blanket) for sitting anywhere anytime?

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portable accessories (cushion, blanket) for sitting anywhere anytime?

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Hello world : )

Besides doing my morning sit when I have all the comforts of my own place, I am also sitting couple more times during the day whereever I am at the moment when I have time to sit. Imagine an office place, a green patch downtowi in a city, or a quite corner in a shopping mall.

I do need something under my bottom to be able to sit comfortable with my back straight, and also something on the ground below me so I do not damage my clothes. 

As a workaround, at the moment,I am carrying along a blanket to put beneath me, and I only sit on a slopped terrain, so my back is straight. I can't carry along a normal cushion

I am thinking an inflatable block shaped zafu could do the trick. I don't like the round ones. 

Does somebody offer some ready made kit for this? Or could you link me to something similar? Or share some pro-tips, and personal experience with workarounds for sittining "anytime, anywhere" ? : )
Hey Jan

Great question! I would carry a cloth big enough to spread on the ground to reach both knees. This can be folded very small. Since a cushion is too much to carry around, I discovered another way - take off your shoes, stuff your socks inside, then place them together with toes forward, and sit your butt onto both shoes. Depending on the shoes and slope of ground, it can be a perfect workaround. All the best!
Use a meditation belt (gomtag). Then you don't have to worry about keeping the knees lower than the pelvis. 
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RE: portable accessories (cushion, blanket) for sitting anywhere anytime?

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This is my go-to but it is a bit pricey:

 also have a small length of foam for my knees, but you can sit burmese style on this stool too.