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Three times a charm: Daniel Ingram third go at Trash Theory

Three times a charm: Daniel Ingram third go at Trash Theory
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6/24/19 1:50 AM
Hello Folks,

Here is the third, and for now, final installment of my three-part conversation on Trash Theory, Speculativer non-Buddhism and practice with the wonderful Mr Daniel Ingram. It was recorded last week over Skype and may fill in some of the blanks for those who were quick to jump on Daniel and his views of practice, mind and the rest.

It is good to see these conversations and the reactiosn and responses they solicitate, as tasty morsels to chew on, rather than signalling any kind of need to grasp at views, defend one's position, duke it out, or what not. Daniel's been great in grappling with material that others have dismissed as mere intellectual masturbation, when in truth, there is gold to be found amongst the rubble. We discuss some of that gold and you might want to see whether the topics we pick up on resonate or challenge your own position, beliefs, and experience.

These kinds of conversations are need in the public sphere and can help us all move along in reducing our ignorance; at least that is the hope. It can be a rabbit hole experience for those willing to get their hands dirty with big ideas, complex thought, and challenges to long-held beliefs.

As noted in a previous post by a podcast listener, some folks may need to update whatever feed is being used to follow the Imperfect Buddha podcast. Soundcloud, our host, updated the RSS feed a while back and this may have led to new episodes not beeing shown in your app, browser, etc. If you like the podcast, you may want to check all is well in podcast land so as not to miss out.