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Venerable Analayo Vipassana Traditions vs Goenka

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Howdy all,
in another chapter in my love affair with venerable Analayo's scholarship  I've just read an excellent treatise which might interest practitioners here.

Specifically it compares early writings on vipassana methods with those practiced by U Ba Kin, and Goenka.  Great detail and great insight as always.

Here it is, enjoy:


RE: Venerable Analayo Vipassana Traditions vs Goenka
7/31/19 6:29 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Hi Tom,

Here is another, shorter article by Analayo on
"The Ancient Roots of the U Ba Khin Vipassanā Meditation" :

The op is, just as you say, very interesting as always. Currently in the middle...

RE: Venerable Analayo Vipassana Traditions vs Goenka
7/31/19 7:22 AM as a reply to Smiling Stone.
Howdy, I just read Analayo's treatise on the Dhyānasamādhi Sūtra and its possible connection to U Ba Kin's methodology.  Simply fantastic and well reasoned.  That he speculates that the Visuddimagga may have reflected one of many possible interpretations, and therefore possibly the wrong one in this particular aspect must be ruffling robes somewhere.

Here is a link to that less known sutta which I will now read.


RE: Venerable Analayo Vipassana Traditions vs Goenka
8/1/19 3:08 PM as a reply to tom moylan.
I just copy this from the other Analayo thread as it fits here :

Does anybody know any detail on his teaching 30 day courses for bikkhus in the Goenka tradition, I am interested. That's just hearsay for me, and I do not not remember where I read it
On Dhammawheel 10/4/2016 Dhamma Basti says :
"Does anyone here know at what time he left the Goenka-camp? I do know that he used to be a teacher there, at least permitted to teach 30 day courses (not so sure about 45 days). Today he seems to be associated with the IMS".

In an interview (linked in the other thread), Analayo said :
"I have been practising the Goenka technique for ten years and I got very good results with it. But I wouldn’t say that it’s the only correct technique".
He seems to be quite into body awareness as the ground for practice in daily activities.

I could not find anything else related so far

Smiling Stone

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