Return to practise, immediate access concentration + head pressures

After a bunch of detours, struggle and distraction in my life, I decided to meditate again. After nearly a year or more of missing practice I thought my concentration would have atrophied and I'd be back to square 1.

I was fine with this, it's to be expected , but in my first few sessions my concentration on the breath was pretty solid and I could pretty easily sense some sort of 'current' sweeping up and down my body with each in and out breath. It was also fairly pleasurable.

I think it was probably access concentration, but afterwards I started to experience a tingling around my head, it sort of went hot and cold, and then it morphed , later on, into a big pressure in between my eyes or on my forehead.

I'm not really exceptionally gifted in regards to concentration, so I don't get why I :
a) Pretty much immediately had rock solid concentration after a long, long break
b) immediately had head pressures that still persist in daily life

Shortly just before I went back to meditation, I weirdly entered into a state of concentration when I was trying to go to sleep and just focused on my breath just because I was bored. I experienced whole body vibrations and pleasure as well. If I were to guess, I assume this had something to do with it.

I'm not trying to do a humblebrag by the way, I'm genuinely baffled. Whenever I had big breaks in my practise before I could barely concentrate.
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RE: Return to practise, immediate access concentration + head pressures

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Maybe a sly variation on A & P, a welcome back from the depths, to lure you into some properly dark night nanas? It sounds like it was pretty damn good, whatever it was.