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RE: Impaled
9/2/19 9:25 PM
I'm a Vipassana Meditator. I saw visions of being impaled, crushed, broken, slit, beheaded and so on (killed or not in so many different and even creative ways - once a Hindu Diety killed me who I thought was going to protect me) 100s of times regularly for few months. It was tens of succh experiences every 50-60 minutes sit. Then they were gone. I believe it was during the time when I was going thru Dukkha nanas. After getting a little stable in Equanimity I do not see those images any longer, not ever .  Those images were accompanied with lot of visceral pain, sadness, desperation, anger, disgust etc. . I still experience sadness, anger, annoyance sometimes ( a little) but that kind of despair and visceral pain not any longer.

I do not know what it means for Jhana meditator but all I can say is these are Imparmanent.