Night Meditation

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Night Meditation

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Dear friends,

I just had a small experience that I would like to share with you. I hope you can share with me your thoughts about it.

As background information:
- I meditate following the mahasi style.
- according to a teacher it is likely that I reached 1st path one year ago.

Lately I am meditating 45-60 minutes twice per day. Meditation at the moment is rather dominated by pleasant sensations with laughter from time to time.

Yesterday evening after meditating I went to sleep. At some point in the middle of the night I felt that I could not move. Just in that moment I started seeing flickering/stroboscopic lights which were happening together with vibrations all over the body. These vibrations were increasing their intensity gradually, as if the volume of a sound system was increased (there was a slight sensation of sound around the vibrations). Besides all these, my body was moving like if I was in the middle of a broken loop, as if I was trying to stand up by moving up my shoulders.

Then I manage to open my eyes a little bit, and I see a shiny yellow structure changing its shape. In that moment I thought that it would be better to close my eyes, as I thouhg I would rather feel fear/afraid otherwise. With this thought it came as well the thought: 'let it be as it is happening'.

The vibrations, flickering/stroboscopic light and the loopy bodily movements were there for some time (I can not say how long. Somehow the sense of time is not good in what I remember). Suddently the intensity of the vibrations reduced gradually, as if the volume of a sound system would be lowered until there is no sound. Shortly after I was able to move again.

This morning I meditated again for around 50 minutes. It was a very pleasant session, with lots of laughter.

I would be very grateful for any thoughts/opionins/advice/orientation you can share with me.

Thanks in advance,
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RE: Night Meditation

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I would like to share an update.

After the experience above described, I went through a couple of days that were weird. I was feeling unable to perform tasks with certain cognitive load, and I was having sustained vibrations along the body, mainly at the arms, palm of the hands, forehead and back of the head. Anxiety/frustration built up little by little in time. After two days, suffering was clearly there during my daily life.

After a couple of days meditating both morning and evening I had a session where during high-equanimity something happened: it was like if I had an electricity shock in my head. Visually it was like a radical fluctuation between pure white and pure black colours, similar to strong TV interference (no gray: pure white and pure black). After that, still in the same meditation session, I felt like going to a low-energy stage. After a couple of minutes I stopped meditating.

Once I stood up from this meditation session, I felt as if something was solved. It Felt as if the questions generated by the previous night-dreamy-meditation were not there anymore. This sensation of having found a solution didn’t have any trace of insecurity/doubt.

Next day I felt light with mild joy. During the evening meditation at some point, while fluctuating between dissolution and suffering something inside me said ‘go to equanimity’ and suddenly I shifted to equanimity - I just realized that I was able to jump between stages of insight, like I did during Review corresponding to Stream  Entry.

This recent skill of jumping between stages is still happening. Contrary to the one of Stream Entry, this time I perceive with more clarity, as if I can explore with more detail each of the stages of insight. My guess is that this suggests that I am in Review corresponding to the 2nd Path.

I consulted one of my teachers, who suggested that it is likely that a Path just happened.

If you have a comment or suggestion about all this, please share it. It is highly appreciated.