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Will S:
At that point i realized that the space, the watching, and the watched were all in effect one.

My next intuition was that the reality outside my internal space was also one. That is, that all is of this one mind.

Within the context of the bundles of aggregates that make up the personality of Will S that might be true. Much beyond that, I wouldn't speculate if I were you. The perception of oneness with the universe is common among meditators. But it's not the end of the trip. There's still farther to go if what you seek is awakening in the sense that Gotama talked about.
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RE: All is Mind

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If one looks at this at a phenomenological sensate level, phenomena arise and vanish.

All things that can be known, described, experienced, all are composed of sensations that change rapidly and are nothing more than that from an insight point of view.

Thus, all sensations that imply space arise and vanish utterly.

All sensations that imply awareness arise and vanish utterly.

All sensations that imply watcher or subject or attention or knowing, all those arise and vanish utterly.

All happen causally, determined by impersonal conditions, including all conditions that just feel so "personal".

None constitute some hypothesized space in a permanent way.

None constitute some hypothesized awareness in a permanent way.

None constitute some watcher, doer, or experiencer in some permanent way.

To say that all things are one misses this fluxing nature, misses this illusorily compounded nature, misses this fact of things that seem so stable, so permanent, so persistent, so connected, so pervading, such as space, awareness, watcher, instead being utterly transient, utterly discontinuous, utterly not a self, not a unity, as a unity subtly implies two things that seem connected, when one doesn't even find that in terms of stable experiences, as those do not occur.

Unity, Super Watcher, Space As Watcher, Space as Awareness, all do not hold up to careful and diligent investigation, being more selfless, transient, causal sensate phenomena and nothing more.