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2/26/11 10:57 AM
Enlightenment is becoming. The human "mind" is interested only in sensual activity. The human body is only responding to the stimuli. It is not interested in pleasure at all. The moment you use thought, to experience anything in terms of pleasure, it becomes a pain for this body. We enjoy pain and call it pleasure. The human body is not interested in pleasure of any kind. It is only interested in maintaining the sensitivity of the nervous system and the sensitivity of the functioning of the body. So the moment you say a sensation is a pleasurable sensation the demand to make it last longer, goes with it. So the demand to make the pleasure last longer, turns what we call pleasure into pain, and that's a painful sensation to the body. The body is trying to be rid of the pleasurable sensation, and what we are stuck with is pain. We have introduced the degree into what is called pleasure, because the thought is always interested in more and more and less and less of the other. I'm not saying anything against pleasure, but the moment you use thought as an instrument to have pleasure, you have created a problem. This demand for permanent happiness, is something which cannot be achieved though anything, and thinking, that is open to us. We have projected and created what is called Enlightenment, God, Self realisation, which we call the ultimate pleasure.