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Dharma Tapas - mini-techniques of note

I was thinking it would be fun to have a thread to share your "dharma tapas" techniques, small tips and tricks that you have personally found useful for accessing certain dimensions of attention/awareness/phenomena/reality.

Some that I have found helpful are:
  • For attending to the three characteristics - noting with the phrase "(object) has no owner, just passing through." This hits anatta and anicca explicitly, and dukkha implicitly in lack of ownership.
  • For attending to luminosity - noting with the phrase "(object) is awareness" or "(object) is just like this."
  • For attending to the emptiness of sensory phenomena - imagining the senses as projecting out from the sense organs rather than in; that is, visualizing reality as a blank transparent field, which coalesces into the body and projects the senses outwards. This gets at both the emptiness of sensory phenomena and the centrality of the body in creating them without reifying either.
Do you have any mini-techniques like the above that have been helpful? Feel free to share!

RE: Dharma Tapas - mini-techniques of note
11/6/19 2:48 AM as a reply to Matthew.
for inclusiveness of all phenomena: noting every sensation, no matter how unimportant or ordinary it seems; the ordinary is holy

though nearly every dharma teacher says that it took me a long while to really realize that

RE: Dharma Tapas - mini-techniques of note
11/11/19 10:26 AM as a reply to streamsurfer.
Thanks for sharing! Yes, important to remember that there are no exceptions to insight, or anything too gross/unpleasant to deserve your attention.