My fathers voice came through

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My fathers voice came through

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First time posting.......... I lost my father in June of 2019.  Feeling so sad over caring for him and then his passing.  I began meditating in October 2019.  I listened to a beautiful meditation guidance , with soft birds singing to each other in a distant place that became my reality for a while that night.  As i followed my guidance on how to......... I found myself finally in a paradise with the birds.  I said "I am here" twice.  I kept my mind open and thoughts out.  I was totally present as I wanted to see if I could hear anything or message.  I then said " I'm listening"  "I'm listening" and thats when someone said , as if in my left ear, " you are beautiful"  I waited for a moment and that when I heard my father voice as if standing right in front of me , he said " hello Montisue"  my given name.  I didnt expect that and replied with I miss you PaPa , I love you.  And I then left that space and retreated from my meditation.  I am still bewildered by the experience and have not had anything like that happen since.
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RE: My fathers voice came through

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Sorry for your loss.  From the perspective of meditation maps, this article by Daniel may help explain what stage you might have experienced-