Losing capability of creating physical relaxation?

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Losing capability of creating physical relaxation?

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Throughout all my practice, the feeling of physical relaxation was one of my favorite parts. Perhaps too much so.

Yesterday, I started full body breathing where I focused on feeling my whole body relax with every outbreath, which gradually builds up the feeling of physical relaxation over time doing this.

Well yesterday I felt really great doing this throughout my whole body, it was getting really relaxing, then it just started fading. I felt mentally clear, but physically the relaxation was mostly gone, then seemed to slowly go down until it was just gone .

Now even when I do body scanning, the relaxation feeling in my body feels extremely diminished if not gone. Or I feel like my mind can't, or doesn't want to hold onto it for some reason, its hard to explain. When I do full body breathing, I can't seem to recreate the relaxing effect on the out breath that would build up over practice anymore, it just doesn't happen. I'm not tense, but those feelings of relaxation coursing through the muscles doesn't come anymore.

Anyone experience anything like this?
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RE: Losing capability of creating physical relaxation?

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you've reached the limits of pleasure relative to your level of concentration.

try relaxing on every in-breath as well ... and on the pauses between breaths. shift more attention to the periphery of your attention field and to the edges of your muscles. you may find a pleasure that does not so much depend on the breath.