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Metta and Martial Arts

Metta and Martial Arts
1/6/20 2:35 PM

Based on your experience in metta, how does this practice affects human bodily and mental functions and activities? Since the practice and performance of any kind of martial art involves all human bodily and mental functions, is it possible to see new martial arts based on and derved from metta?

What do you think of training millitia in metta?

Monks, for one whose awareness-release through good will is cultivated, developed, pursued, handed the reins and taken as a basis, given a grounding, steadied, consolidated, and well-undertaken, eleven benefits can be expected. Which eleven?

One sleeps easily, wakes easily, dreams no evil dreams. One is dear to human beings, dear to non-human beings. The devas protect one. Neither fire, poison, nor weapons can touch one. One's mind gains concentration quickly. One's complexion is bright. One dies unconfused and — if penetrating no higher — is headed for the Brahma worlds. -- Metta (Mettanisamsa) Sutta: Good Will

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