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I'd love to get some guidance

I'd love to get some guidance
1/13/20 12:43 AM
Hey all, 

I claim to hit second path 6 weeks ago but it seems like I'm still in Review. I'm still cycling and since second path I got intense kryias which are really annoying, but they are slowly comming down as time passes by. I'm not sure how to proceed from here and I would love to get some advice. Before second path I was practicing TMI, roughly stage 7 and Noting. After second path, the Kriyas got to intenese as well as the Review cycles and I fell out of my Shamatha practice. I'm currently working on my Shamatha skills to come back. 
My practice currently looks like this: 1.5 hrs Shamtha, 1.5 hours Noting.
I was on retreat last week and I did noting with open eyes, the Kriyas were just too intense. 
I saw the non localization of mind and my understanding for Anatta and dependend arising have tremendously mature since last week but unfortunately no insight.
It seems like I'm not getting fruituions anymore and Reobservation needs roughly 1-1.5 hours to show off. I noticed some upcoming jaw pain quite ofen and stiffness in my right trapezius but I don't want to misdiagnose this for 3 characteristics. I've started feeling a lot of Piti during my sits, it started last week, my sits are getting calmer and more energetic. 
Any advice how to proceed from here on? 

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your advice! 

RE: I'd love to get some guidance
1/15/20 3:21 AM as a reply to Gregor.
Hi Gregor,

I would take a break from athletic, achievement-oriented meditation. For the next month meditate no more than 10 minutes of breath counting each morning + evening.

What is the mind’s reaction to reading that? What is the mind’s reaction when you consider following through? Does it dismiss, lash out, rationalize? Does it scheme for other ways to “progress”? Can you see how this causes suffering?

Whether you follow that advice or not, I would also take some time to deeply and honestly think about the root cause for your spiritual quest. When did it start and why? Was it a glimpse of impermanence or no-self? Was it an egoic act to make up for some inadequacy or insufficiency?

Every time I ramped up the seeking in my life it was due to some suffering (stress, loss of “control”, feelings of inadequacy). What are your triggers? How far back do they go? Can you see the inherent suffering? 

I'd also take some time to broaden the view and work on psychology a bit. It will pay off later. Brad Blanton’s Radical Honesty and Brene Brown’s TED talks are good starting points.

After a while slowly start ramping up your sitting time. Try to forget the techniques. Just gently relax and be with experience. Use something like Shinzen’s Do Nothing. But really, honestly do nothing. Be mindful of every intention that arises, every thought, every desire. Your mind will soon figure out that the only mental states that are truly satisfactory are those without craving or aversion.

With Metta

RE: I'd love to get some guidance
1/15/20 12:50 PM as a reply to mrdust.
I started a lot of reflecting lately and I truly know that your words are wise. I really appreciate your honest advice and I try to integrate it the best as I can. Thank you very much! 
-Much Metta! 

RE: I'd love to get some guidance
1/15/20 3:58 PM as a reply to Gregor.
For a slightly different take check out this thread, specifically Shargrol's linked reply about 6 realms practice.