Is this an A&P and how to move forward? (Goenka tradition)

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Is this an A&P and how to move forward? (Goenka tradition)

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I have my second Goenka retreat a month ago.  During one of my sitting, I can feel the flow of sensation which can enter all over my body, whereby I can partly direct the flow of the sensation.  The flow of sensation culminates onto my forehead and turn out to be a bright orangish light.  Is this an A&P?

Now I am home and I practice Vipassana for one hour a day for a month.  I think I can experience the A&P again.  I now can again achieve that flow of sensation.  Whereever I focus I have some sensation and when I change the place where I focus, the previous sensation cease and new sensation occur on the new place on my body where I focus.  Previously, I cannot feel my abdomin, my chest and my back, but now I can feel it when I focus on those parts of my body.  All sensation appears to be arising and passing away.  However, I no longer see the light as before.  Is this still an A&P? 

But note by the way that the sensation I feel is more like a touch sensation.  I do not feel tickling (vibration) sensation all over my body which I only feel on my hands/arms and my legs/feets.  I cannot feel tickling sensation on my chest/abdomin/back, but I can feel touch sensation there when I focus.

To move forward, do I need to feel tickling (vibration) sensation all over my body?  Now I am also experimenting piercing my concentration through my body to check whether I can feel sensation inside inside my body.  Do I need to do Goenka-style Banghanana to move forward by getting vibration all over my body (surface and inside) and focus on my spiral cord to get dissolution?

Thank you very much for your comments.