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Posting online is better than meditation

When you read a post online that makes you angry,

instead of replying,
instead of wallowing in your anger and self-pity,

try making your own post where you express your feelings on the matter,
independent of the original post.

Even better if you can do it in a persuasive way.
Even better if you do it as a video (!)

I've been doing this lately, and I swear it has just as effective as meditation, if not more so.

RE: Posting online is better than meditation
4/20/20 9:57 AM as a reply to spatial.
Hmm, I find myself agreeing a bit. For one thing, when you post to your own blog, it's kind of like investing in oneself rather than in some weird online persona in some company's database, like Reddit. For another, your post stands ready to possibly do useful work for you whenever people happen to be in the mood to read it. The same could be said of a comment on a discussion site, but maybe fewer people will be digging down to the five thousandth comment years later in some ancient thread. For another, online debates really suck because we tend to say too much. Ideally, talking about disagreements would involve lots of back and forth, asking lots of questions, testing for knowledge of certain things, etc. In online debates we tend to write too much based on what we believe the opponent's positions to be, and that just makes them mad when they see themselves misunderstood and misrepresented.

On the other hand, it could be really useful to just stop and wonder whether what you're reading even should make you mad. I mean, of course if you feel angry, there are perfect biological reasons for that. But you might be able to pour soothing medicine on it if you can convince yourself that, e.g., the difference of opinion depends on some unknowable stuff, and you have a hunch it's one way while they have a hunch it's another way.

Or we might look at something and think it's just obviously "bad". But "bad" stuff can happen on the way to good stuff. In fact, it often does. In fact, the "bad" stuff might be necessary for the good stuff to happen, in which case, was it really bad? And vice versa. We don't know. We live in a complex system. Have you heard the parable of "who knows what's good or bad"? If it's not bad, what are you mad about? I try to talk to myself like this.

RE: Posting online is better than meditation
4/20/20 10:00 AM as a reply to spatial.
I try to focus on the funny stuff. I totally get what your saying, but for the moment I will stay here.

RE: Posting online is better than meditation
4/20/20 11:55 AM as a reply to spatial.
If you do make a blog or podcast, please share on here!

RE: Posting online is better than meditation
4/20/20 1:15 PM as a reply to spatial.
Definitely better than meditation.

I can attain instant jhana by tantric trolling :-P

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