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Looking for a noting partner to do specific noting drills - Ping Pong Style

I am interested in mentalization based therapy:

Interestingly a way to do this therapy is through certain forms of noting

These would be the noting drills we'd do: 

1)  tracking your somatic and emotional feelings and seeing how they inter-relate:  practically we'd just note body sensations and emotional sensations and their connections/correlations

2)  Tracking whether the mind is in the present, past or future,

3) Track pleasant, unpleasant neutral (classic Vedana noting)

4) Track how organized your mind is 0-10:  We'd just say a number correlating with the level of organization of the mind 0 = disorganized, 10 =  completely organized.

I can explain this further and why it's important and teach you noting generally if you don't already know how..

I'd want to do this for an hour 3 times a week or so.  But, no commitment beyond what you want to do.

About me:  15 years of meditation experience, over 300 days on retreat about 8,000 hours of formal practice, also I had a daily ping-pong noting partner who I met up with 5 times a week for 2 or 3 years.

Ok, just send me a direct msg here. 

Thank you