"Formal" Introductions

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"Formal" Introductions

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Greetings Everyone,

Since I have been feeling a pull to participate in the discussions on DHO, I think some formal introductions are in order.

I spent most of 2010 doing intensive Mahasi style practice, around the end of July I found MCTB and was completely taken by the fresh and direct approach Daniel presented. This was exactly what I needed at the time, a clear explanation of the maps and the practice. Shortly there after I contacted Kenneth Folk , who helped me get stream entry in relatively short order.

After that things get a little murky, there were a lot of experiences , there were fruition some more impressive then others and various Nana's and Jahana's I will find my self in , but I could never quite map out where I was at. I could relate to much of the discussions going on here and at KFD but there wasn't any sense of mastery, the Dharma was just doing it's thing, regardless of how much formal practice I did, just engaging with life , mindfully and with some cultivation of concentration, was sufficient, and while I can't quite map out my progress the overall trend is clear , a significant amount of space around thoughts was being formed and reality became crisper and brighter.

The most recent shift happened this week, after engaging with Elena from RT, for the first time I saw non-self in a very clear and unquestionable way, this realization happened in conjunction what clearly feels like a new a path, the mind feels sharp and malleable, a Teflon mind, things arise and just disappear into vast of space like a deep ocean or a lake. The space it seems has always been there but without the self stirring things up it can now be observed with much greater ease.

My current plan is to see how things unfold and continue with the practice of mindfulness through out the day combined with what ever amounts of concentration feel appropriate at the time.

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RE: "Formal" Introductions

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Hi Upasika, welcome to the DhO.

Nice post, congrats!

Keep us updated on how this unfolds, if you like. Especially the RT-style no-self realization: I'm curious how that will fit in with your take on the MCTB maps. Take your time, let the dust settle a bit.