Alzheimer: 40 HZ flashing light therapy

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Alzheimer: 40 HZ flashing light therapy

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I found this just by accident. I was looking for a fast flickering light video in Youtube to compare with some visuals I had experimented (below 20 hz) and found this 40 hz flashing light video. I was curious to check what Daniel Ingram mentioned in MCTB2 about the limits of speed noticing. (Not even close, in my case). 

The thing (happy coincidence?) is that some MIT neuroscientists have found that at 40 hz is the optimal flashing frequency (light + sound) to treat Alzheimer's. The technical details are to much for me, but it seems that the therapy (1 hour per day) mitigates the process of plaque destruction. Have tested mice and apparently some humans too. I have a personal interest in the subject as my grandmother had it, my father got it (but at 86 is perhaps too old to make a difference) and I'm about 15 years away from usual onset. Noting meditation should be working in the same direction. 

Well, I pot here some links and hope some may know a little more about the subject.

40hz per second flashing Alzheimer's disease light therapy (it's a long video with 30 seconds cycles) 
Light-based therapy for Alzheimer's disease (2016)

GENUS: Research on sensory stimulation to combat Alzheimer's disease (2019) 

Alzheimers LED (Georgia Tech - 2020)

Flickering Light Mobilizes Brain Chemistry That May Fight Alzheimer’s (Georgia Tech)
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RE: Alzheimer: 40 HZ flashing light therapy

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If you want to blast your eyes with 40Hz then do not watch such silly 30fps video and rather do it properly.
With today's technology it can be done easily. Just remember that if you watch anything on screen it must either have multiple of 40Hz to work properly or screen and application used must use VRR (G-Sync or Freesync) to perfectly synchronize with displayed images, otherwise it won't be 40Hz flickering but merely you will have 40 flashes per second but those flashes won't be very symmetric and nice.
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RE: Alzheimer: 40 HZ flashing light therapy

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Thanks, the idea is to use the gadget of the last link above.

That link also provides an explanation of why 40 HZ:

Georgia Tech:
The 40 Hz frequency stems from the observation that brains of Alzheimer’s patients suffer early on from a lack of what is called gamma, moments of gentle, constant brain waves acting like a dance beat for neuron activity. Its most common frequency is right around 40 Hz, and exposing mice to light flickering at that frequency restored gamma and also appears to have prevented heavy Alzheimer’s brain damage.

Adding to the surrealness, gamma has also been associated with esoteric mind expansion practices, in which practitioners perform light and sound meditation. Then, in 2016, research connected gamma to working memory, a function key to train of thought.

As controls, the researchers applied three additional light stimuli, and to their astonishment, all three had some effect on cytokines. But stimulating with 20 Hz stole the show.

“At 20 Hz, cytokine levels were way down. That could be useful, too. There may be circumstances where you want to suppress cytokines,” Singer said. “We’re thinking different kinds of stimulation could potentially become a platform of tools in a variety of contexts like Parkinson’s or schizophrenia. Many neurological disorders are associated with immune response.”

The research team warns against people improvising light therapies on their own, since more data is needed to thoroughly establish effects on humans, and getting frequencies wrong could possibly even do damage.

Perhaps too good to be true, buth worth checking how the investigation evolves.