Householder's Vinaya and Home Retreat Guide

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Householder's Vinaya and Home Retreat Guide

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Full disclosure: I am a friend and student of the author, Allan Cooper, of what I want to bring to your attention. I want to advise whoever might be interested of a new and really important resource. The website is On it, you will find a free download of all of the ~372 pages of a book of that name. There is also a home retreat guide. These are both in free pdf format. If you download them to your desktop and then open them with the free Kindle app they will be in your Kindle library and searchable, etc. just like any mobi document. If you want to purchase this book, go to Amazon where you will find a reasonably priced Kindle version for $2.99 and a paperback for $9.99.

The availability of this information in great detail is long overdue. The number of yogis who have a serious and committed practice of Vipassana and Theravada Buddhism, have attended or will attend longer retreats but find themselves without clear cut instructions on how to proceed at home, while working and perhaps being in a family of some description, grows daily.

Please read the first review posted on Amazon if you have any hesitancy about the usefulness of this information. As a result of everything this information presents, I am involved in a weekly Dhamma study group that meets online and participate in a one day and a one week home retreat every month with 6 other yogis, also connected by Zoom (at this time). This information can guide you in realizing something similar that will support your practice. If you just want detailed guidance about structuring your home practice you will find this resource invaluable.

The author is committed to freely offering this information as well as making it commercially available on Amazon at this time. 

May this find you well and Steve Katona