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Sudden fast breathing, slight shaking, urge to blink rapidly

I was just meditating and first was concentrating on the breath and body in vipassana style. After a full body scan, I started noting everything that came into consciousness and pushed towards doing it harder. Then I started shaking (not big shakes) and breathing shallow breaths quite fast, as well as feeling my eyelids "blinking"/moving (they didn't open fully cause I closed them). This lasted for about 5-10 seconds then everything sorta mellowed out back to how it was before except I was thinking about what I just experienced and just tried to keep noting everything happening. I also felt a stronger awareness of the vibrations/sensations of my hands as well as them being pretty warm. Is this a kriya? Also, I'm wondering which insight stage this is - is this the three characteristics / arising & passing? This was an hour long meditation and I have been meditating for three years with only the past months doing more consistent longer practices.
Thank you

RE: Sudden fast breathing, slight shaking, urge to blink rapidly
7/10/20 10:27 AM as a reply to Mani.
Hi Mani, welcome to DhO.

Involuntary movements, shaking and kriyas are, like you say, features of the Three Characteristics stage. Vibratory phenomena can also appear at this stage in a gross form, accelerating as a meditator enters the Arising & Passing Away stage.

If you'd like, you could describe your past practice in more detail, this may help others who want to weigh in.

RE: Sudden fast breathing, slight shaking, urge to blink rapidly
7/10/20 11:27 AM as a reply to Mani.

Your description is pretty textbook for late 3Cs / early A&P territory imo.  

Emphatically cannot know with any degree of confidence over the internets; but that's my take.

RE: Sudden fast breathing, slight shaking, urge to blink rapidly
7/10/20 9:01 PM as a reply to Zachary.
Ok it does seem to match with the nana's description. I've had a similar experience before about a month ago in an hour and half practice where suddenly start shaking but feel happy/rapture at the same time. It's hard to keep equanimity when in these weird parts.

My past experience with meditation was mostly doing 10 minutes daily of breath concentration practices and sometimes body scanning - I didn't know about proper technique or distinctions between insight and concentration meditation as I have recently gotten into reading about.

There is another interesting experience that I've had with meditation which was about two years ago where I first focused on the breath and then did body scanning - focusing on releasing tensions and how the body sensations feel. This time I felt super relaxed and into it. And then afterwards I felt this bliss in everything like everything was perfect while walking around or listening to music. I remember listening to this song and it sounded super clear to me. This effect went away the next day though. I'm not sure what happened then but I distinctly remember it being a strange experience. Not sure if it's reaching a concentration/samadhi jhana since i thought those only can be experienced during meditation and not after? Or if it was an arising or passing event but I don't want to misdiagnose it... Would be interested to hear what people think about that.