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Burmese MC
8/11/20 5:50 AM
Time to give something back, after reading much in the forums. As I was on retreats, I may write something about. I believe, there is a section, where this topic can be posted-but I don not find or it never existed? I was at:
-Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha Meditation Centre
-Panditarama Forest Meditation Centre (Shwe Taun Gon)
-Pak Auk Forest Monastery
-Shwe Oo Min Dhamma Sukha Yeiktha

RE: Burmese MC
8/11/20 6:52 AM as a reply to Bert.

RE: Burmese MC
8/11/20 10:07 AM as a reply to Chris Marti.
Thanks! I'd even problems to start a thread. Is it correct this way: Category-click a post-click "New thread"-write?

RE: Burmese MC
8/11/20 10:58 AM as a reply to Bert.
Yes, that's what you'll have to do.

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Dear All, The remarkable Manish is about to backup and upgrade Liferay to Liferay 7. This is the fundamental platform on which the DhO runs. As such, anything posted from about now (January 23, Saturday, at around noon Central Time) will likely be lost until the upgrade is complete. Thus, stop posting anything you wish to last now until this is done! Thanks! -Daniel, Owner of the DhO



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