Lion-Faced Guru Ep. 3: Universal Awakening - The Mechanics of Awakening

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Lion-Faced Guru Ep. 3: Universal Awakening - The Mechanics of Awakening

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Hey everyone, I'm happy to present the new episode of Lion-Faced Guru Podcast:

Episode 3: Universal Awakening - The Mechanics of Seeing through the Self

In this important episode, Kim Katami, Karl Eikrem and Ugi Mueller provide a deep insight into their own Awakening experiences and discuss the universal mechanics of nondual Awakening.

A vivid and insightful discussion that sheds light on the most common (and fatal) misconceptions about Awakening and that stresses the fact that Awakening is attainable for everyone regardless of culture, nation or spiritual tradition. And it can happen in 2020!

The Link:

Topics discussed:

01:46     Personal Experiences of Awakening from Kim, Karl & Ugi
24:28     What is Awakening? 
32:42     The Role of Certainty of Awakening  
40:12     What happened right after Awakening?
42:08     Dry Awakening vs. Wet Awakening  
45:20     Awakening is the Start of The Buddhist Path  
47:54     Awakening is Universal and not Bound to a Particular Spiritual Tradition
 50:56    Why a Clear Map of the Stages of Awakening (to Liberation) is so important
51:53     Western Buddhism is just About To Emerge
57:04     On "There's no Path and no Practice" and other Dzogchen/Advaita Misconceptions 
1:04:48  The Two-Part Formula and the Mechanics of Nondual Awakening
1:09:06  The Crucial Difference between Looking at the Subject-Self or Object-Selves
1:15:46  Awakening has a Clear Mechanic and is no Accident
1:19:04  The Unexpected Problems With Getting the Message of Awakening Out There and the Reasons for That
1:28:16  Importance of Looking Inwards at Our Own Buddhanature
1.29:00  Awakening is Universal because Confusion is Universal. It's For Everyone and Not just some Special People.
1:35:18  Importance of Awakening for Further Spiritual Practice (and Awakenings)