Piti, Jhana or something else?

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Piti, Jhana or something else?

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Hi Guys,

let me first thank you for all the nice threads that helped me a lot. This is my first post.

I need some help please. I was on my third meditation for the day and the first two were generally very positive, but nothing special. On the third one this happened:

I was in good concentration, but I do not think access concentration. I still had peripheral awareness and attention switched to sounds/thoughts at times so I didnt think anything special would happen. The breath was very prominent though. No nimitta. No droping away of everything.

I focused from the breath in the nose to the breath in the body. Shivers came in waves. I tried to find a nice feeling somewhere since I read about Jhanas. But everything was just vibrating. More Shivers. Then shaking of body and head, more shivers. The breath became very much like I just sprinted. Even had to open my mouth. I tried to steady myself and relax back to the breath. I noticed that my eyes were watery. Then I started crying. Tried to steady again. Started smiling and more intense crying. More waves of shivers. Then I got "saved by the bell" of my timer.

Im still a bit shivery now and very excited. It was not negative at all, but quite exhausting and intense.

From what I read in books and this forum, it could maybe have been Piti? Or was it Jhana? I also read it could be some stuck emotion or something?

What do you think? Also, what should I do with it? Should I try to cultivate it? Should I try to make it stronger or to cultivate but calm it down?

Sorry for the long post. Im hyper excited and still shivering/shaking/smiling ;)

Much love,

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RE: Piti, Jhana or something else?

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I had something similar happen a little over a week ago, but I joined the forums recently and I am no expert, at all. =)

My guess regarding my own experience was A&P or something close to it-but if anyone thinks otherwise feel free to contradict me. I've had two more of those since, both powerful but the first was like being hit by a freight train. The energy I felt was not piti, I'd say. The quality was different and afaik piti is pleasant, relaxing, buzzy and you naturally concentrate on it. In those other instances the energy was kind of dense, oily, slick? 

Still trying to make heads or tails of the whole thing. 

If you haven't already, perhaps taking a look at Leigh Brasingtons jhana pages would help you. Hope you get the answers you're looking for. =)
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RE: Piti, Jhana or something else?

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Hi Helen,

thank you for the response. Nice to hear that you also had such an experience and that we share that!

I googled A&P and it sounds like it. I have no book where its mentioned though, so I find it hard to put in context.

I just went through some meditation books and funny enough it was actually Brasington's "Right Concentration" that led me to believe its Piti. I'll PM you the section of the book, maybe its helpful to you.

In TMI these phenomenon are described to occur when the mind is unifying, but not strictly as Piti I guess.

Either way, we seem to both make progress, which is nice!

If this is "just" Piti, what would a Jhana be like than? emoticon

Hope you have a great day!


Edit: There seems to be not PMs here, but I found a link where Brasington writes almost the same as in the book. Its towards the end of the article: https://www.lionsroar.com/entering-the-jhanas/
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RE: Piti, Jhana or something else?

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I don't have much to offer you since I am trying to achieve my first Jhana myself without success so far but I'll echo Brasington's book as an essential resource. I'll leave it to th emore experienced members to help you. BTW, Welcome to DhO!
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RE: Piti, Jhana or something else?

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Greetings Alex,

Perhaps youre experiencing what are called Kriyas. Kriyas are physical manifestations of the mind-body being worked on/purified and can manifest in strange ways and commonly as shaking of the body like you describe.  https://youtu.be/e9AHh9MvgyQ

Kriyas can involve the release of energy or what leigh b calls piti. Leigh mentions in that article that piti is a wide spread phenomena and can show up different ways, not just when doing jhana.