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Opportunity for January solo retreat high in Montana

Dear Dhamma friends,

I would like to offer up an opportunity for solo retreat near Missoula, Montana, dates January 2nd-January 22nd.

The location is West Fork Butte Lookout. You can search it online. It is an old fire lookout perched at 6145ft in the Bitterroot Mountains of the Western Rockies. I myself did a 17 day retreat there this past January. I think it is an excellent opportunity for solid practice and a serious connection with mother nature in deep winter.

Due to some personal circumstances, I will not be able to go for my reserved time this January. I would thus like to offer this reservation, free of charge, to another practitioner.

Please read the details belowand message me if you are interested. And please alert other adventurous practitioners who will be in the area (or will risk flying) that would be interested in a long solo retreat.

DETAILS: In short, this requires significant off-road winter travel and surviving with no electricity or running water.

CABIN: This is an extremely rustic little cabin, the only amenities are a big stove that can really crank heat, several cords of firewood 50 yards from the cabin, and a couple propane burners + small oven. There are also some bunk beds. Note that the cabin was built as part of the New Deal reconstruction, and so isn't quite air tight. A high-quality sleeping bag is a must, even if you plan on keeping the fire going 24/7.

ACCESS: This is also a significant challenge. It requires bringing yourself, your gear, and your food, up 7.5mi and 2100ft vert on a snow covered road from the nearest highway. Snow shoes, a snowmobile, or a ski touring setup is required. The other option would be to hire a local person/business to drive you and your food up on a snowmobile. Note that while this is indeed fairly serious winter travel, there is no avalanche risk and this is a moderately trafficked route by snowmobilers.

If I can find someone to take my spot I can give lots more details to help make the trip as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Best wishes.

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