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2 Sam Harris Podcasts

2 Sam Harris Podcasts
12/9/20 12:38 PM
Sam Harris is a sort of hero of mine. I love his reasoned approach to writing about controversial topics, and I super love his meditation app for advanced meditators, called Waking Up. He is involved in two podcasts this month that I thought others here may find of interest.

First, he appears on Dan Harris' TenPercentHappier in an episode A Meditor in the Arena #306 A Meditator in the Arena | Sam Harris — Ten Percent Happier After discussing his views on Trump, there is a lot of great discussion on all things meditation, particarly dzogchen and non-dual meditation.

Then on sam's own Podcast (warning - beyond paywall - but you caan request free access for financial hardship) is a very intersesting episode Making Sense Podcast #227 - Knowing the Mind | Sam Harris

In this episode of the podcast, Stephen Laureys interviews Sam Harris about meditation practice and the scientific study of the mind. They discuss why Sam began to practice meditation, the difference between dualistic and nondualistic mindfulness, the search for happiness, wisdom vs knowledge, our relationship with death, the Buddhist doctrine of rebirth, the hard problem of consciousness, the role of introspection in science, meditation and free will, the self and the brain, the difference between voluntary and involuntary actions, dangerous knowledge, the mystery of being, the power of hypnosis, and other topics.

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