RE: couple of quesitons re stream entry

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RE: couple of quesitons re stream entry

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Hi Stickman, and welcome to this forum emoticon

You can check out this video which is basically a general warning :

Granted, the ultra close-up and vibratory nature of Daniel's clean shaven head are a bit scary. But on the plus side, you might actually get a fruition just from the sheer clarity and saturation and field-depth of the shot itself, lol.

(Which actually gives a pretty good image of what seeing rigpa is like !!)

And then watch this next video, which contains more details which might help clarify the thing :

Be honest with yourself with this, if it seems that the leading up events/phases and subsequent shifts/happenings line-up with what you experienced, then tell us more !!! If not don't sweat it, and continue with consistent daily sessions of deep observation of the present moment's experience in all its manifest glory, using curiosity and marveling as fuels for precise investigation and deep relaxing into the truth of the instant.

Hope that helps emoticon