Intense Pain in Left Chest

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Intense Pain in Left Chest

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Hey Everyone,

  So I have been staying at a retreat centre the last 3 nights and meditating in their Tibetan Shrine room.  My concentration on the 3 characteristics at night has been really clear.  I felt a sense of the greater space and leaving my body the last two nights and was attempting to see the 3 charactersitics in this while not getting lost in it.  
  Last night,  I was lieing down for sleep (Dream Yoga is also a focus for me as well as daily Yoga Asana practice) and it seemed reality was continuing the that flickering spaciousness with the body as kind of a side note.  I must have went out (in sleep) briefly as I was trying to keep my concious awareness.  When I poped back into the flickering spaciousness there was this intense pain in the left part of my chest.  I thought (heart attack?, Pectoral muscle overworkd?).  I let go of the thoughts and just surrendered to it and then fell asleep for the night.  On a side note, my body is really physically healthy so a heart attack is unlikely.
  It was just such a prominante strong sensation concentrated just in that area.  I was felt mostly relaxed and at peace with the whole thing as it was happening but I just wanted to check it out if anyone has similar experiences or might know what this is about?

  On another note I was in a dark room at night meditating in the shrine room.  As that 'lifting' feeling happens and I feel more the space then the body, my eyes seem to open automatically.  I hardly noticed it the first time as I was in a dark room.  Any ideas?

  Thanks everyone.  I really appreciate having this formum to share feed back.  
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RE: Intense Pain in Left Chest

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Hey Adam and everyone,

I have experinced something similar. I had an intense heart pain that connected to my ring finger during what what diagnosed to be a psychosis. It was really intense, and i thought i was having a heart attack or something. I've noticed it sometimes comes back in periods with more meditation practice, but in a more subtile way. I'm having it now, and it feels more like a pressure than a pain.

When i had it the first time i had it the doctors took some sort of heart test on me (an EPS i believe), and nothing that caused them any worry showed up.