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There are thoughts arising trying to describe the experience. In-between each word is SILENCE. "Must quieten down this mind", mind says to itself. Go to the source of my next thought.... aaahhh. SILENCE. How long will it last? Oh no, the SILENCE has been broken by wondering when the SILENCE will end. There is blackness. No, that's a colour. There is EMPTY SPACE. Where am I? There are body sensations. But they're arising in Awareness. There's nothing on any side of the EMPTY SPACE - just thoughts, sensations etc arising WITHIN it. It's Eternity. It's Eternity in all directions. And there is NO-THING HERE. But something is going on. I cannot say there is nothing going on. There is NO-THING going on. NO-THING is "doing its thing" of creating something out of Its SELF. Actually, there are colours. There are purple lights swirling in weird patterns. Does that mean I'm doing it right? Too much thinking. But does that matter as long as I know I am not the thinker of them? They are merely thoughts arising in Awareness. Whose Awareness? THE ONE HERE. The ONE IAM. 

Am I there yet? LOL. 
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