Adverse Meditation Effects ER Study: study subjects needed!

Daniel M. Ingram, modified 4 Months ago.

Adverse Meditation Effects ER Study: study subjects needed!

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Dear All,

The University of Louisville Department of Emergency Medicine wishes to recruit acute care providers, such as nurses, doctors, APPs, psychologist, etc. who work in acute care settings, such as psychiatric crisis centers and emergency departments, who have experience caring for people in meditative/spiritual crisis to better understand the state of the art regarding mainstream clinical care for these patients.

If you are such a provider, or know of anyone who might be able to participate, particularly those who work near major meditation/spiritual centers, please contact us!

Here's more information. Please feel encouraged to share this link on social media!

This will hopefully help create better care for people going through things like the stages of insight, Dark Night stuff, etc.

I have helped create, design, and promote the study, and will actually do some of the interviews. This is very important to me, so please help.



Dr. Daniel M. Ingram, MD MSPH
Co-founder of the DhO