What was that

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What was that

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Hi! I wonder if you can help to diagnose me.

Lately I have had two experiences that made me wonder what was that.

I the first I was asleep and I woke up to an world where different dimensions of light and energy was going in and out of each other and there was an incredible intelligence that untied a deep know of stagnated energy inside me. 

In the other dream a swarm of insects came and crawled under my skin (face, arms and heart area) and there was a really tight resistance to the experience. I just accepted the pain and then I died unto myself, and i sense of peace came and the dream disappeared. Then I woke up to a world of pure energy and felt like i was flowing in a river. What do you think? I have been dying many times in different dreams lately, so i wonder what is happening. 
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RE: What was that

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Hey Ingvar

From the sparse information you give, my first hunch is that it sounds like the weirdnesses of the insight stage known as A&P, "The knowledge of arising and passing away of phenomena", in the Progress of Insight model, if you are familiar with that (otherwise orient yourself on this site and find the relevant info).

Events like the ones you describe need to be seen in a context to make sense, so please provide some more context. It would be especially helpful to know if you have a meditation practice (or do yoga, qi gong or something similar), and what your practice story looks like, and how much you practice.

I am not very far along the path, so please take my words with a grain of salt. Hopefully others with more experience will chime in when you provide more info.

All the best
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RE: What was that

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I agree with Niels that more context is needed for a good feedback. For better assesment, check Shargrol's guideline on How to get the best advice in an online forum (just below the books recommendations). In particular, describe what's your daily awake physical/mental/perceptual experience after those probable A&P events. Also check Daniel Ingram's List of symptoms for ñana diagnosis as that would provide more pointers. Better input will help others with more experience than me to offer an answer.