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I've been having some fairly unusual experiences and wondering if anyone here has had anything simmillar. 

I've been practicing meditation for 7 years and Qigong pretty intensively for 18 months, over the last few months I've been having some energetic style healing sessions from a teacher. 

However whats been happening to me is rather full on. 

I started having what I can only describe as seizures (I have been to the doctors and also the neurology department and they've said they're not official seizures due to the nature of them and no treatment is needed). I've had around 7 in the past 3 months. 

The enery starts pumping through my heart and forcefully through my navel area and this sets off all kinds of spontaneous movement, a lot of uncontrollable shaking, eyes roll in the back of my head, big intakes of breath, big vibrations up my central channel. Inside I feel quite estatic and also vulnerable as people around me often are a little freaked out. 

These episodes happen in all kinds of group healing scenarios (youga, Qigong, sweat loges, journeying, I've had paramedics called and all sorts happen. 

My question is, does anyone know how to calm this down? 
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Becky Becky

My question is, does anyone know how to calm this down? 

It's hard to diagnose based on an internet post so this might not apply to you but based on what you describe one thing that might cause something similar is suppressed emotions and thoughts.

In that case, what you are describing as a seizure could be a kind of reaction of suppression due to unpleasant thoughts and emotions coming into or nearly into consciousness. The nervous system is trying to prevent these thoughts or emotion from coming openly into consciousness by creating a massive distraction or stress reaction because it would be too painful if they did come into consciousness.

It could be triggered by healing sessions because the rituals involved may be turning off the functions of consciousness that normally keep things suppressed.

In cases where that is what is happening, I don't know of an easy solution.

Someone could try stopping the healing sessions, but that is probably not what they would want.

Or someone could try to come to terms with what they might be suppressing. That can take a long time and be painful. Therapy might help.
If someone wanted to try to work on it themselves they might try to start observing the feelings in their body that accompany emotions. And try to notice faint emotions and thoughts that might indicate suppression. Often there are layers and layers of thougths and emotions masking deeper layers so it can be confusing - you think you know what is bothering you when it is really something else. 

I would also recommend relaxation exercises - it would be easier to face unpleasant thoughts and emotions when one is relaxed.
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What Jim said, but if it's causing you serious life problems you could try contacting Tara Springett who specializes in extreme kundalini stuff.
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Thanks for your response and the links and agreed it's hard to diagnose something of this nature from an internet post. 

I'm connected to my body and have gone into further enquiry and intuitively I don't think this is repressed trauma. 

I could stop, but this would radically change my life as this is a way of life for me. 

I know I need to give the energy space so it feels safe to express itself, however it's pretty intense and completely takes me over and is very sensitive to being triggered (I've just had to withdraw from a therapy training course as I think it will be triggered during it). 
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Hi thanks I'll try her, it's pretty unusual so grateful there are people around who can understand this terrority.  
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Please see if this helps you in any way.
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There's a lot of scary stuff about kundalini online, but after I had my own kundalini issues (see here), I found a number of helpful resources for how to deal with the energy in a safe and down-to-earth manner. I highly recommend the following: 


They're both going to sound like lightweight new age fluff in comparison with the "hardcore" posture of this forum, but they're filled with really helpful grounding advice from some gentle women with a lot of experience in this territory. I really connected with Bonnie Greenwell and Tara Springett during my journey through this phase. 

Best wishes and be well. ❤️
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Moving energy up and down the spine and around it should help. You can get 'energy' from feet or hands. Better not have too much of it at one time otherwise moving it is hard and probably not what you want to do. If moving anything that feels meanigful doesn't seem to work then move barely anything, just so that awareness can move around the body. Avoid frustration by not trying to force stuff. One day the practice can be goind well, other day it might all seem to be blocked. If it is blocked then try to do anything and if that doesn't work do something else eg. watch netflix... maybe without bingewatching ;)

Generally when major chakras are not blocked there should be no issues like the ones described. To unblock chakras one should calm down and keep awareness on chakras that feel blocked for a while, maybe move awareness on them slightly. If things feel scary then for short amount of time as needed, otherwise drink enough water and breathe properly.

Laying on my back and keepign awareness for a while each day on chakras was enough to unblock all of them in a matter of few weeks. Maybe would be faster doing hardcore practices for hours but my personal experience with rushing things is that rushing things is always an option but not always the fastest one ;)

Unblocked chakras feel like experiencing heavenly pleasures and compated to blocked feel like having giant weight liften off your soul so generally quite unmistakable. I am not working with this stuff too often and some times certain stressful life situations when they last too long tend to somewhat block my energetic system so then I might need to work with it to unblock it.