Dizziness and Vertigo after Equanimity

Leo Vient, modified 1 Month ago.

Dizziness and Vertigo after Equanimity

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Hello, I'm trying to keep it short:

I recently meditated through the DN up into Equanimity.

Unfortunately, during meditation, my head wanted to move left right front back and I just let it do that. Now it's been a week and I experience dizziness and vertigo when moving around, I also experience pressure in the ears now. I stopped meditating while sitting.
The good thing is my neck issues seem to be resolved.

I went to the Dr. And he said it's probably my inner ear.

I'm not gonna move my head while meditating now, that's sure.

​​​​​​​Is this usual? How to I resolve this vertigo and dizziness. It's really annoying.
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RE: Dizziness and Vertigo after Equanimity

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Hi Leo,

I think you kept it too short to stimulate responses emoticon What is your practice?

If it is vipassana, I'd strongly suggest to stop any periodic movements. It is a type of piti/rapture, side-effect of concentration, one of the "corruptions of insight" (see e.g. here); it is called corruption as it effectively prevents progress, being followed instead of deconstructed.

Medical issues are not uncommon, that's a part of being alive whether one meditates or not, though some extras can be (probably) induced, healed or prevented by meditation, especially in retreats.

There is no need to look for the cause (Sallatha Sutta talks about that), anyway. Use common sense to deal with the condition conventionally (doctors) but also watch your reactions to it (annoying, wanting to run away from it) as a part of your practice.

Let us know how it went, good luck emoticon